Searching for the real mum jeans

To call my mum fashionable, would be a huge exaggeration. Her forte lies in quantity rather than quality – she simply loves to shop. And within such a vast number of clothes, there’s gotta be some treasures. I’ve found many treasures over the years. And luckily for me, she usually tire of them just as they are back in style, and is happy to give them away. So now that she’s finally started wearing skinny jeans, it’s time for me to swoop in and find myself a nice pair of authentic mum jeans!

Featured imageFeatured image

Although it’s too wide in the legs to be a proper mum fit (it should narrow a bit in the ancles), I still love this Sand jeans with greek-style embroidery in the waist!

Featured imageFeatured image

I also found another Sand jeans who is really reallly high-waisted and with the coolest 90-ies camel colour wash!

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