Yesterday’s outfit

Warning! This post may contain elements which some might interpret as being propaganda(ish)!

Although fashion should have the feel of being fresh and forward, I strongly oppose to the notion that this means you always have to buy something new. You can get the same feeling with vintage clothing, as long as you style them according to today’s trend. I’m a collector, and my archive contains pieces of clothing which has fitted into every trend for the past ten years, and since all trends these days seems to be reenterpretations of past times fashion, I guess they will be just as awesome for the next ten years too. With some supplements of course.

For that reason (+ the fact that I’m too busy being a journalist to blog about what I’m wearing the actual day), – here’s yesterday’s outfit.

Featured image

Brown dress from the Norwegian designer Christina Ledang – master of chic basics – made from spare fabrics of merino wool. I love this dress because it keeps me warm in the Oslo winter, and has just the right fit. So easy to wear, and the perfect canvas for accessorizing.

And check out these gold tights!

IMG_7339 2

I’ve had them for ages and have no idea where they’re from, but their kind of subdued shimmer make them look like a darker, thicker version of the ones from Chanel’s spring show.


The ultra cool broad-brimmed fedora hat and pointy pony skin ankle boots are both a christmas present from Zalando, both out of stock now unfortunately… But once again thank you Zalando, you played the role as Santa this year, and made all my wishes come true.

Otherwise I wear Egyptian style bronze and copper finger rings, all genuine from the nineties. I guess you’ll see more from them since they’re my favorites for the moment.

So long, I’ll be back with more yesterday’s news!

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