Heavy water jacket

As a stylist, I can’t help being inspired by WWII uniforms. Especially since I happen to own a sample of an awsome British military jacket, that I customize a little more every time a button falls of. So here’s my eulogy to the allied WWII fashion!

I LOVE history. And what’s happening here in Norway these days, is the excellent television series ‘Kampen om tungtvannet’ = ‘The battle for heavy water’, directed by Per-Olav Sørensen. It’s been sold to a lot of countries, so if you get the chance you gotta see it! It’s such an exciting story, about the event that stopped Hitler getting his hands on the nuclear bomb.


Apart from the jacket, I wear a really old asymmetric denim Mbc-Ws skirt, even older over-knee brown leather Bronx boots…


… a blouse that used to be my grandmother’s, and some brand new Jane Kønig earrings with pearls. If you haven’t heard about the amazing jewelry designer Jane Kønig, you really should really check her out! All her super chic jewelry is handmade, after fair and sustainable principles throughout the production.


Like the threat of nuclear war weighed heavy on last century’s shoulders, it seems obvious that pollution and climate changes is the atom bomb of this century. This is my small, vain contribution to try and save ourselves. I want to inspire you to stop buying – and start restyling!

And thanks to my lovely colleague Julie Liljeroth for playing the photographer ❤


  1. Aaron · January 23, 2015

    Love the jacket! and love the connection to The Heavy Water War! 😉


  2. runawayranveig · January 23, 2015

    Thanks @Aaron! Seems like you can find something similar here! http://www.paddelaters.com/ww2%20British-images/picture%202.php 😀


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