Color blocking away the winter sadness

In the Norwegian winter darkness, a bit of color comes in handy to fight away the melancholy (which I also love btw, but one can get too much of it). My main color obsession for the moment is emerald green, and mixed with cobalt blue and saffron orange, the result is striking.


This striped, lurex longsleeve I bought ages ago in a legendary Oslo shop called Voga, that’s been shut down for years. I have no idea what the brand is, and the seems keep coming apart, but I fix it again and again as I really love this old thing. The felt jacket is a true vintage find. I actually found it on the attic of my old apartment, where it was left by the last owners. It has a fantastic fit and quality, and is made by an old tailoring company called Ilni. The flared jeans are the Bodycon Marrakesh Jean from MiH Jeans, in the wash Ultra Blue. I don’t see the wash anymore on the MiH website, but you can get them in other colors here. The outfit is topped by a last decade Gaultier choker and the coolest backpack ever, from a Swedish brand called Holger Bags.


This laptop backpack has an original, awsome vintage design, and carry a power unit to charge your devices. Get your own here.

Happy color blocking!

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