Meaningful fashion

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Yesterday I attended a show called “Mote med mening”, which can be translated into “Meaningful fashion”. It’s an evening of fashion and music, arranged yearly by a Norwegian non-profit organization by the same name, for the sake of collecting money to charity.This year’s income goes to Nanofasa Conservation Trust. Nanofasa works with the Namibian San communities, to ensure the development of sustainable projects that empower communities, and contribute to preserving culture, wildlife & ecosystems. Read more about Mote med mening here, and Nanofasa Conservation Trust here.

The highlight of the event was a hair show by the hair stylists in the salon Olimb & Co, They presented some amazing hair combined with real cool styling that complemented the hairdos perfectly.


And I loved the golden tribal makeup!





I went with my best girl Natasha Magnus, who wore some fantastic, handmade earrings who had to come off when we later danced the night away in Angst Bar, simply because they were too heavy for dancing. My hat stayed on though.



In addition to the hat, which is a man’a hat (the women ones are too small for my big head) from Brixton at, I wore these old things:

Long dress from Whyred, bought a year ago

A suede crossover bag with fringes from an Argentinian brand called Trippin, that I bought in Buenos Aires. You can buy their stuff here

And layers of jewels and original nineties cowboy boots. It was a glorious night.



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