Green beauty products – tested and approved!

Here’s some product that I’ve tested and liked the last weeks – all green of course.


Skjermbilde 2015-02-01 kl. 23.26.31

The most amazing one is from everyone’s favourite green beauty brand Amazing Space, and is called Botanical Beauty Pads For Eyes & Lips. The concept is simple – you have bags and lines under the eyes – you slap these puppies on – you wait 20 minutes – you don’t have so much bags and lines anymore. But the technology behind is obviously not simple. Because these really works! No shit! Get your own here.

Skjermbilde 2015-02-01 kl. 23.43.11

I also was really positively surprised by the facial scrub from Green People, Age Defy+ Soft Buff Skin Exfoliator. Because I’m kind of sceptic towards the old fashion kind of exfoliators with grains in them, since they sometimes do more harm than good, especially after you’ve passed 30. But this one made my skin so smooth and firm and glowing that I couldn’t help loving it. And I guess you’re really wandering where to buy it now, or what? Well, the answer is here.

Another positive surprise was the new Wella Elements Renewing Conditioner. It can’t claim to be organic or anything, but it is free of sulfates, parabens and artificial colorants, and that’s a start I guess. It gives the hair some good nourishing and smells really, really, addictively wonderful.


Finally, dr. Organic Moroccan Argan Oil really is the real green deal. And this is a product I’ll want to always have in my home. The oil can be used for everything; hair, face, body, nails, lips, and everything else that needs a shot of pure, healthy moisture. I also use it on my four year old son, because this multi product contains only goodness.

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