The best beauty trick you’ll ever learn

… aka why i love lemons!

Every morning, I drink boiled water with the juice of half a lemon, and some slices of ginger. Both ayurvedic and chinese medicine names the lemon as detoxifying, that it helps digestion, and is the optimal way of starting the day. Another of the lemon’s miracles is that it supports an optimal acidic environment in your stomach, because even though they are acidic on their own, they turn alkaline inside our body. And a body with a balanced pH-level, is a body that is strong against diseases and inflammations. Mixed with ginger it also really boosts the immune system, which comes in handy this far north.

So, that’s all on the inside which is really good, because a healthy, clean body promotes nice skin, clear eyes and all that stuff. But the marvelous lemons have some magic for your outside too. After I’ve finished squeezing the juice out of the lemon you see, I rub it on my skin; the face, hands, legs, thighs, feet; all the places I want a gentle exfoliation and benefitial shot of vitamin C. Vitamin C is the active ingredient in a vast number of anti-age creams and serums, but you can get a lot of the same benefits (glow, hydration, tightening, exfoliation…) by using pure, fresh lemons. Genius, isn’t it?

I even use the waste lemons for cleaning. Instead of detergents and chemicals, I rub the rest of my lemon half on the surface that needs cleaning, let it work a bit, and wipe it of with a cloth. If that’s not enough, I add a bit of vinegar. And you know what? My home feels so much cleaner and fresher than when I use the conventional detergents!

And one more thing: It’s really, really cheap.

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