one sustainable february outfit



Sculptural knit, made by my mum sometime in the beginning of the 2000nds. It reminds me of a medieval knight’s robes, pretty awesome.

Ruffled mini skirt with laces and velvet print. I got it when I was thirteen and never managed to throw it away because it was just too nice and boy, am I happy about it now. The top button stays unbuttoned, though…

Wool tights from… I don’t know. The label fell off. But I bought them on sale and they turned out to be way too wide in the waist. The first times I used them I had to hoist them up every five minutes to not having them sag down to my knees. You know. It must have looked pretty stupid. So I bought some elastics from a tailor shop, cut a hole in the upper lining of the waist, inserted the elastic using a safety pin in the one end, threaded it all the way around, and sewed the elastic ends together. It worked like a charm.

Shoes from the Danish shoe brand Ecco, famous for making the comfortable sports sandals your mum wears, but they actually make chic heels too. The quality is superb, and they have their ethics in order. Mine are a couple of years old, but these are really similar. These too, just a slightly different finish on the leather – and they’re on sale!

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