French Friday

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Every friday, my fabulous friends in the Norwegian lifestyle magazine Stella (check out the mag here) don a new dress code, and today was french chic day!

Which would be the best excuse ever to buy some new clothes of course, but true to my new year’s resolution, I make an outfit of what’s already in my wardrobe.


So I’m wearing a black polo body from Modström, aka from a sample sale years ago, a velvet pencil leopard skirt from Zara, from when the brand first arrived in Oslo, nappa pumps from the amazing, sustainable Danish brand Yvonne Koné, (these are actually quite new, you can buy them here), and my awsome fox hat from Cayla! This I found on a sample sale in the Spazio Cathrine Hammel shop in Oslo last year. Top with red lipstick and nailcoat!

Trés chic!

…and you really should check out Stella’s own blog too!

Color blocking away the winter sadness

In the Norwegian winter darkness, a bit of color comes in handy to fight away the melancholy (which I also love btw, but one can get too much of it). My main color obsession for the moment is emerald green, and mixed with cobalt blue and saffron orange, the result is striking.


This striped, lurex longsleeve I bought ages ago in a legendary Oslo shop called Voga, that’s been shut down for years. I have no idea what the brand is, and the seems keep coming apart, but I fix it again and again as I really love this old thing. The felt jacket is a true vintage find. I actually found it on the attic of my old apartment, where it was left by the last owners. It has a fantastic fit and quality, and is made by an old tailoring company called Ilni. The flared jeans are the Bodycon Marrakesh Jean from MiH Jeans, in the wash Ultra Blue. I don’t see the wash anymore on the MiH website, but you can get them in other colors here. The outfit is topped by a last decade Gaultier choker and the coolest backpack ever, from a Swedish brand called Holger Bags.


This laptop backpack has an original, awsome vintage design, and carry a power unit to charge your devices. Get your own here.

Happy color blocking!

The tastiest thing on earth

I just couldn’t help myself. Since the party on Thursday (see last post), all I could think of was this tree of über delicious snowballs from the Danish, organic chocolate brand Summerbird.

Skjermbilde 2015-01-24 kl. 20.44.02

So today I went and bought myself a pack of the licorice ones. And I tell you, for a licorice lover like me, it’s the tastiest thing ever invented. If you live in Oslo you can buy them in Steen & Strøm’s Food Court, or if not, you can get tempted on the sweets-magicians own website here. I was preparing for a night of Summerbird snowballs and House of Cards, but during writing this post, I already ate them all.

Costume Awards 2015!

Yesterday was a big night for the fashion people of Oslo. Costume, Norway’s leading fashion magazine, held their annual award party, where they named the best brands, designers and bloggers of the year. Read more about it on Costume’s own site here. I wore my fabulous beaded Animale dress (Brazilian designer brand)  from 2013, had way too much champagne, have no idea when I got home, but managed to do so without causing any scandals. All in all a glorious night. Thank you Costume for a great party!

!Skjermbilde 2015-01-23 kl. 11.54.49Skjermbilde 2015-01-23 kl. 12.11.31Skjermbilde 2015-01-23 kl. 12.51.01

Heavy water jacket

As a stylist, I can’t help being inspired by WWII uniforms. Especially since I happen to own a sample of an awsome British military jacket, that I customize a little more every time a button falls of. So here’s my eulogy to the allied WWII fashion!

I LOVE history. And what’s happening here in Norway these days, is the excellent television series ‘Kampen om tungtvannet’ = ‘The battle for heavy water’, directed by Per-Olav Sørensen. It’s been sold to a lot of countries, so if you get the chance you gotta see it! It’s such an exciting story, about the event that stopped Hitler getting his hands on the nuclear bomb.


Apart from the jacket, I wear a really old asymmetric denim Mbc-Ws skirt, even older over-knee brown leather Bronx boots…


… a blouse that used to be my grandmother’s, and some brand new Jane Kønig earrings with pearls. If you haven’t heard about the amazing jewelry designer Jane Kønig, you really should really check her out! All her super chic jewelry is handmade, after fair and sustainable principles throughout the production.


Like the threat of nuclear war weighed heavy on last century’s shoulders, it seems obvious that pollution and climate changes is the atom bomb of this century. This is my small, vain contribution to try and save ourselves. I want to inspire you to stop buying – and start restyling!

And thanks to my lovely colleague Julie Liljeroth for playing the photographer ❤

The green stuff every beauty junkie should know

I’ve tested many products over the years, but here’s some of my absolute favorites!

When I use the skincare products of the amazing Tata Harper, I truly see a difference on my skin. It looks firmer, smoother, and way much younger. I was lucky enough to get to meet her on a press launch, and she explained the reason for the effects so well; “In most conventional anti age products you have one, maybe two, maximum three active ingredients. The rest is just fillers. In my products, all the ingredients are active. We pack between 9 and 29 active ingredients in every bottle! Every ingredient has a specific purpose and delivers targeted results.” You gotta love that!


Rms Beauty Lip2Cheek in the obscene dark flesh color Diabolique is the kind of product that makes you really hot – without really showing. As the name implies it can be used both as a glossy lipstick, and a beautiful cream blush. The lips looks like they’re dark and swollen from making out, or, you can layer it into a deep femme fatale plum. Thanks to Mette in Costume magazine for introducing me to this!


As a makeup-artist, it goes with out saying that I ‘m passionate about highlight and shimmer. But let’s face it, it easily gets too much shimmer for real life. Especially when you’re no longer twenty. (It’s been a while since I passed twenty-something…) But Ilia Illuminator in the subtle shade Polkadots & Moonbeans, is the kind of a magical product that is super easy to apply, and does what it’s supposed to. Not too much, not too glittery. Just right, healthy, hydrated, can’t-quite-put-your-finger-on-it glow.

I love the products of One Love Organics. All of them. But Skin Savior Waterless Beauty Balm is my special sweetheart. If I’d have to do with one skincare product for the rest of my life, this would be it. It’s a true multi product, you see. I use it as a cleanser, moisturizer, SOS-balm on elbows, cuticles, lips, hands, etc. etc. I even use it as a face mask, that makes my skin firm, glowing and perfectly nourished. And don’t get me going about the smell! Our how tempting it feels! I’ve even tasted it. It tasted good.



If you asked me earlier which in my big box of nail polish was the most beautiful, I would have refused to answer. Why choose between the beauties of colors, I adore them all, my answer would be. But that was before I encountered the green of all greens. That is the most perfect metallic emerald green I’ve ever seen. The name of the shade is “Laughin’ to the Bank” from Deborah Lippmann. So even though Deborah Lipmann is not a pure eco-brand, I justify my passion with the fact that it’s 5-free. Free of harmful substances like Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor and DBP, that is.

I’ve been experimenting a lot with alternative deodorants through the years, because honestly I think the whole concept of anti-perspirant is kind of creepy. If the theory of the body ridding itself of dirt and toxins through sweating is true, we don’t want block the shit inside, do we? Sounds like cancer to me. But, on the other hand, life’s too short to be a stinker. After several trials of mineral stones etc, (which works for a week or two, but somehow stops doing the job after that,) I’d really given up. I thought I’d have to try sweating my shit out in the privacy of Sundays instead. But then the miracle happened. Lene Jahren, founder of the organic beauty webshop, asked me if I wanted to test a deodorant cream from Soapwalla which had just arrived. And you know what? It worked! And it’s still working! It consists of vegetable powders, clays, lavender, peppermint and tea tree oils, it doesn’t crash with my perfume, and I don’t stink. And that’s how I fell in love with Soapwalla Deodorant Cream.


OMG! I nearly forgot to tell you about this amazing body brush from Karmameju! Here it is:


You’ve heard about all the benefits of body brushing, right? How the brushing of dry skin, from toes to top, boosts the energy, stimulates circulation, and helps the body getting rid of toxins and energy? Well, the Karmameju Recharge Ionic Body Brush maximizes the effects of this, through ions… something… The main points is that it works, OK?


Golden Globe Silver

Yesterday’s Golden Globe was not about gold – it was all about the silver! Here’s some second hand ebay alternatives to Emma Stone’s, Dakota Johnson’s, Reese Witherspoon’s and Julianne Moore’s dazzeling red-carpet outfits.

Skjermbilde 2015-01-12 kl. 20.59.02

Adrianna Papell beaded tank dress

Skjermbilde 2015-01-12 kl. 21.13.20

Zac Posen silver metallic gown

Skjermbilde 2015-01-12 kl. 20.54.00

Ralph Lauren sequin beaded long platinum evening dress

Skjermbilde 2015-01-12 kl. 21.04.45

Herve Leger silver bandage dress

Skjermbilde 2015-01-12 kl. 21.05.47

Alice + Olivia Hanlin sequined & beaded gown with train

Skjermbilde 2015-01-12 kl. 21.07.50

Chloè beige silk/silver beaded bodice spaghetti strap dress

Skjermbilde 2015-01-12 kl. 21.10.17

Gianni Versace silver silk short sleeve key hole back V-neck dress

Skjermbilde 2015-01-12 kl. 21.12.16

Diane von Furstenberg new Cindy sequin dress

I really gotta stop now or I’ll end up bidding for all of them…

Yesterday’s outfit

Warning! This post may contain elements which some might interpret as being propaganda(ish)!

Although fashion should have the feel of being fresh and forward, I strongly oppose to the notion that this means you always have to buy something new. You can get the same feeling with vintage clothing, as long as you style them according to today’s trend. I’m a collector, and my archive contains pieces of clothing which has fitted into every trend for the past ten years, and since all trends these days seems to be reenterpretations of past times fashion, I guess they will be just as awesome for the next ten years too. With some supplements of course.

For that reason (+ the fact that I’m too busy being a journalist to blog about what I’m wearing the actual day), – here’s yesterday’s outfit.

Featured image

Brown dress from the Norwegian designer Christina Ledang – master of chic basics – made from spare fabrics of merino wool. I love this dress because it keeps me warm in the Oslo winter, and has just the right fit. So easy to wear, and the perfect canvas for accessorizing.

And check out these gold tights!

IMG_7339 2

I’ve had them for ages and have no idea where they’re from, but their kind of subdued shimmer make them look like a darker, thicker version of the ones from Chanel’s spring show.


The ultra cool broad-brimmed fedora hat and pointy pony skin ankle boots are both a christmas present from Zalando, both out of stock now unfortunately… But once again thank you Zalando, you played the role as Santa this year, and made all my wishes come true.

Otherwise I wear Egyptian style bronze and copper finger rings, all genuine from the nineties. I guess you’ll see more from them since they’re my favorites for the moment.

So long, I’ll be back with more yesterday’s news!

Hard start

Scroll, scroll for norsk versjon

The new year has started and so has my blog, although it felt like the universe conspired against me. The plan was to focus on getting the blog up and going during a looong christmas holiday spent in the village where I grew up, a place so small it offers no distractions. BUT. my laptop died after one nights work, and when I (frustrated like hell) called my boyfriend (who is a programmer) about it, he said: “oh yes. You brought the wrong cable.” Right. So one of the two IDENTICAL cables at home was wrong, was it?! ” Yes, one of them is 45 watt, and the other one, the one you should have brought, is only 60 watt.” AND YOU DIDN’T BOTHER TO TELL ME THIS BEFORE?!!! “Uh, sorry, but I’ll bring it with me when I come to join you in a couple of days.”… So, there was nothing to do but wait, since there isn’t a single Apple retailer where I’ from. A couple of days later, my boyfriend cought a fever, and had to stay in bed one more day. When he finally arrived, it went only to days until one of my parents’ dogs went and BIT THE F***ING CABLE RIGHT OFF! “well, at least Jeltsin (yeah, that’s its name) didn’t get hurt”, my dad remarked. I don’t know. I hope he hurt a little bit. Anyway, we had a happy new year and I managed to launch with a couple of posts at least. But dear world: I’m trying to do something good here. Do my part to save your ass. Could you at least cooperate a little bit, please?


Har endelig kommet så vidt i gang med bloggen, selv om det har sett ut som om universet har konspirert mot meg. Jeg tok nemlig ekstra lang juleferie på hjemstedet mitt Sand i år, for der skjer det jo ingenting, så det burde by på få distraksjoner. MEN. Laptopen min døde etter nøyaktig en kveld, og min elskede programmererkjæreste kunne gi meg svaret på problemet på telefonen: “du tok med deg feil kabel”. Åååå ja, så den ene av de to IDENTISKE kablene hjemme var feil, den da?!! “Ja, den ene er 45 watt, mens den andre, den du skulle hatt, er på 60 watt.” OG DET KUNNE DU IKKE SAGT FØR NÅ?!!!! “Sorry, jeg tar med den riktige kabelen når jeg kommer om to dager.” Grrrr… Det hører forresten med til historien at det ikke finnes en eneste Apple-forhandler i hele kommunen der jeg kommer fra. To dager senere er selvsagt min kjære syk og må utsette reisen. Når han så endelig kommer, går det to dager til før EN AV BIKKJENE TIL FORELDRENE MINE BITER OVER HELE KABELEN! ” Jaja, det var då bra at ikkje Jeltsin (ja, den heter det) blei skada!” Sa min far. Uansett ble det da et godt nyttår og et par innlegg i hvert fall. Men kjære verden: Jeg prøver faktisk å gjøre mitt for å redde deg her. Kan du være så snill å samarbeide litt?

Searching for the real mum jeans

To call my mum fashionable, would be a huge exaggeration. Her forte lies in quantity rather than quality – she simply loves to shop. And within such a vast number of clothes, there’s gotta be some treasures. I’ve found many treasures over the years. And luckily for me, she usually tire of them just as they are back in style, and is happy to give them away. So now that she’s finally started wearing skinny jeans, it’s time for me to swoop in and find myself a nice pair of authentic mum jeans!

Featured imageFeatured image

Although it’s too wide in the legs to be a proper mum fit (it should narrow a bit in the ancles), I still love this Sand jeans with greek-style embroidery in the waist!

Featured imageFeatured image

I also found another Sand jeans who is really reallly high-waisted and with the coolest 90-ies camel colour wash!